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Business definition of Energy Service Company (ESCO)


Energy management companies are businesses that provide services in the area of ​​energy conservation. And / or renewable energy That provides a full range of services The service will cover Consultation Project proposal Project management Engineering design Analyze energy consumption Install equipment and operate

For energy conservation projects And / or renewable energy Procurement of funding sources for energy projects, etc. ESCO's services are required to have a performance assurance contract with a clear measurement and verification process. Which is the cornerstone of running this business This is to ensure that technical risks All of the energy projects are fully guaranteed by ESCO throughout the service contract period.

The energy management company business consists of 3 parts:

  • Service providers are Energy Service Company (ESCO).

  • Service recipients are operators. Who want to use energy conservation and / or renewable energy services from ESCO

  • The funding source provides funding for energy conservation and / or renewable energy, namely financial institutions, banks or ESCO.

Power Air Engineering Co., Ltd. is a member of the energy management company. Member Number A032

Accredited by the Institute of Energy for Industry Federation of Thai Industries And is a co-founder "Thai Energy Management Company Association"


Power Air Engineering Co., Ltd. has been a specialist in energy conservation in compressed air systems for all types of industrial plants for more than 25 years. Member Number A032 Energy Management Consulting (ESCO) in a complete range of compressed air systems. Provide air compressor performance measurement service Air dryer Service to measure the behavior of compressed air in your factory Offer suitable energy-saving technology Along with the preparation of energy-saving contracts, economical results-sharing plans, energy cost insurance plans For your factory Manage energy conservation projects throughout the contract period. At present, the company has received the Excellent ESCO Award continuously as a confirmation of its quality. And a commitment to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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